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Villages in Rukwa Valley


In Rukwa Region, Tanzania I conduct longterm demographic, economic, health and ecological research with the Pimbwe and Sukuma populations. Recent topics of interest have been marital instability, sexual conflict over the use of modern family planning methods, sexual conflict more generally, and the intergenerational transmission of wealth. New work addresses social networks, the increases in inequality, and the determinants of fitness. Current collaborators include Claudia Kasper, Emily Fitzherbert, Martin Andamile, Sarah Jane Seel, and Peter Mgawe.

We have also published a book, aimed primarily at local readers, with Mkuki na Nyota Publishers, on the history of the Pimbwe. An English extended version will be available later this year

Mgawe, P, Borgerhoff Mulder, M, Caro, T. and S. J.Seel (2013). Historia ya Kabila la Wapimbwe. Dar es Salaam, Mkuki na Nyota Publishers.

Seel, S. J., Mgawe, P. and M. Borgerhoff Mulder. in press. The History and Traditions of the Pimbwe. Dar es Salaam: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers.












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