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UCDZL - Reptile Collection

Our limited reptile collection representing 10 different species was initiated by David Hurst Thomas during his Master's research in Nevada (Harvard-Nevada expedition).
Caudata Necturidae Necturus sp. mud puppy (salamander) 1
Squamata Colubridae Coluber constrictus western yellow-bellied racer NV 1
Squamata Colubridae Lampropeltis getulus kingsnake 1
Squamata Colubridae Pituophis catenifer gopher snake CA 1
Squamata Iguanidae Gambelia sila blunt-nosed leopard lizard CA 1
Squamata Scincidae Corucia zebrata monkey-tail skink (captive bred) ID 1
Squamata Viperidae Crotalus viridus western rattlesnake NV 3
Testudinata Cheloniidae Lepidochelys olivacea olive ridley sea turtle 1
Testudinata Emydidae Actinemys marmorata western pond turtle CA 5
Testudinata Testudinae Gopherus agassizi desert tortoise CA 2

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